Introduction: Nutella® Cookie Pudding

These little sugary morsels come out deliciously crunchy crisp on the outside and just cooked gooey on the inside, perfectly suited for a drizzle of cream and a sprinkling of coco powder, and to  top off all of this their core component is Nutella. An item which is essentially chocolate that can be quickly and efficiently spooned in your mouth. Whats not to love? 

150g butter, softened (a little extra for greasing)
150g Nutella® Spread
115g caster sugar
115g light muscovado sugar
1 egg, beaten
100g plain flour
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
115g rolled oats

The recipe is simple enough, and consists of 4 stages;

Step 1
Combine wet ingredients (excluding Egg)
Step 2
Combine dry Ingredients 
Step 3
Step 4

Step 1

Combine Nutella with the butter in a large bowl, this can be hard going if the butter isn't at room temperature, so leave the butter out of the fridge a while before you start.

Step 2

Combine the dry ingredients with the wet ones in this order.
a. Sugar/Brown sugar
b. Egg
c. Flour/Oats/Baking powder

Make sure that you are continuously siring all the way. (i always add salt at this stage, salt enhances the flavour of ingredients and can just as easily be used in sweet dishes, just in lower quantities) 

Step 3
with the ingredients mixed you should of formed a very sticky dough. ( if you would prefer a more cookie like outcome at this stage you can add flour until you form a drier dough.) You now need to place the dough evenly in a well butter baking tray, you can also use baking paper, but i grew up using butter and i believe it makes your food taste better so that's what i choose to use. When you bake your cookie dough it is going to spread out too all the corners of your dish so don't worry if its not too even.

Step 4 
Bake at Gas Mark 4/180c/350f. for 12 minutes.
when they come out of the oven they should be all  crumbly and gooey, scrape it up trying to breaking it up as much as possible and then place it high small bowls.
Serve immediately for best results and garnish with single cream and coco powder dusted on top.

Thank you for reading so far and i hope you enjoy the video.

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