Introduction: Nutritious Morning Protein Shake

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you like those expensive protein drinks you can buy at the health stores or super markets(Odawalla), give this a try. These taste great , fill you up and give you a great boost to start off your day. The shake I'm going to be showing you how to make is roughly 295 calories and close to 16 fl oz.
What you'll need:

- Blender
- 3/4 Cup  milk (2 percent)
- 1 Small banana
- 1/4 Cup Greek vanilla yogurt
- 1 Tablespoon Bob's Red Mill Ground flaxseed meal
- 2 Tablespoons Soy protein powder

Step 1: Making the Protein Shake

In blender or a cup if using a magic bullet like myself,  Add the following:

3/4 Cup 2% Milk  ( you can always use 1% milk or Soy Milk but this will change the calorie count)
97.5 calories

1/4 Cup Greek Vanilla yogurt ( for less calories, use plain)
55 calories

1 small banana ( under 6 inches)
72 calories

1 Tbsp. Ground Flaxseed Meal
30 Calories

2 Tbsp. Soy Protein powder
40 Calories( this will very depending on what brand Soy Protein you use)

Step 2: Blend & Enjoy

Blend and enjoy

If you don't like bananas, here's some other alternatives or just skip the fruit and increase the yogurt

1/2 Cup fresh blackberries roughly 31 calories
1/2 Cup fresh sliced strawberries roughly 27 calories
1/2 Cup frozen unsweetened blueberries roughly 38.5 calories
1/4 Cup fresh raspberries roughly 16 calories