Introduction: Nyan Cat Plushie

Nyan Cat Plushie

You will need:

-2 squares of light brown felt (for the pop-tart body)
-1 square of light pink felt (for the frosting, cheeks, and nose)
-2 sqaures of light gray felt (for the head and legs)
-1 square of black felt (for the eyes)
-1 square of white felt (for the pupil)
-1 square of red, orange, green, blue, and purple felt (for the rainbow)

-Fabric Glue
-Stick on jewels
-Tweezers (optional)
-White thread and needle
-Polyfil stuffing


Cut and assemble the pieces. No need to cut the light brown felt, it's the perfect size. For Nyan Cat's head, legs, and pop-tart body, I did two pieces, a front and back that I would stuff with polyfil and together. As your sewing the pop-tart body together, place the finished legs and rainbow strips inside the pop-tart body and sew them together. Glue on the light pink felt "frosting". Before sewing Nyan Cat's head together, take the back piece and sew onto the felt frosting to secure it, then sew the front of Nyan Cat's head to the back and fill with the stuffing. Take the face pieces and fabric glue and attach to the head. Take the tweezers and use them to dip the stick on jewels in the fabric glue and randomly place on the frosting. Enjoy your Nyan Cat plushie as he travels through the universe!