Introduction: O-ring Halter Top

To close out this summer season, I decided to create the ultimate summer-inspired top, but with a fun o-ring twist.


1/2 yard of fabric

brass ring (1 - 2 inches in diameter)

sewing machines

tape measure


needle and thread

Step 1: The Bands

Measure and cut out two rectangular strips of fabric that are 6 inches wide and the length of your band size. Fold in half, and pin wrong sides out.

Sew closed using a zigzag stitch. Invert the rectangles so that right sides face out.

Step 2: Triangles

Measure the width of a bra cup, and add on two inches to the measurement.

Using that measurement, create 4 identical triangles.

Pair two triangles together. Line them up right sides together, and sew the tops closed using a straight stitch. Leave the bottom as is. Invert the triangles so that right sides face out.

Attach one triangle to one rectangular band. Make sure to leave an inch at the front.

Step 3: Attaching the O-ring

Thread the band through the o-ring. Hand sew closed using a needle and thread.

Step 4: Straps

Cut two long strips of fabric about 1 inch wide.

Fold in half (picture 2). Fold in half again (picture 3). And pin (picture 4).

Sew closed using a straight stitch, and attach to the top.

Step 5: The Final Look

This bralette could honestly pass as a bikini top. It's a shame that summer is almost over, I would have loved to wear it to the beach. Rate 12485/10