Introduction: ONE COol PAPEr PlaNe

Step 1:

Now you will need to fold the paper length ways so there is a line down the middle

Step 2:

Ohk now you take the right top corner and fold to the middle line which you just made so its like a triangle
do it the the top left corner to

Step 3:

now you take the top pointy bit and fold it down like shown in the picture

Step 4:

no you grab the top right corner and fold like you did to the top  do the same for the left
now the pointy bit that is pointing out at the bottom you fold on to the other folded bit

Step 5:

Now after you have done that that flip the paper over and take the top and fold it just a tiny bit down so it looks like the picture
Now flip over again so we are back to normal

Step 6:

So after you have fliped it back to normal  where the half way line is fol the paper where the line is so its like the picture
now make one of the wings like this take the top of the wing and fold it down to the bottom
do the same to other side

Step 7:

now make a smaller wing by talking the top of the wing and fold again do same to other side sorry no pictures for this bit

Step 8:

after you have done this grab the paper plane and

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