Introduction: ONLY WATER Face Makeup Remover Fleece Washcloth

This fleece cloth removes ALL makeup with ONLY WATER. NO PRODUCTS NEEDED.


Fabric yardage: Of JOANNS 2-SIDED LUXE FLEECE FABRIC: you need 1/3 yard/12in/31cm. Bolt fabric width is 59in/1m50. This BEST QUALITY NECESSARY to get the desired results. Since dyes slightly affect fabric heft: darker blended or mixed color patterns, grayed, grizzled, grisaille, or heather prints work best.
Tools: measuring tape, large sharp fabric shears, flat surface.

Step 1: To Make SIX Cloths

Take your fabric and lay it out flat. Prepare to CUT.

Step 2: Note on CUTTING

NOTE: ***Do NOT TRIM OFF selvages/lisières or you lose over 2in/6cm of usable fabric, making too small and skimpy cloths.***
NOW: Fold in half crosswise and equalize. Cut through the the fold, making TWO equal pieces 29in/75cm long.

Step 3: Take ONE of These TWO Pieces.

Lay it out flat, fold crosswise into THREE equal parts.
Cut through the TWO folds, making THREE cloths 10in/25cm long.
Do the same to the 2nd half of fabric.
You now have SIX cloths.
***Trim slightly rounded corners EXCEPT ON THE FOUR SELVAGE/LISIÈRE CORNERS so as no to weaken the fabric.***

Step 4: Done. How to Use. Care.

To use: moisten well and with gentle circular motions-- not pulling or stretching skin, remove makeup. Remoisten as needed.
Care: hand wash with water and soap/detergent. Wring out. Air dry.

Step 5: