Introduction: ORANGE PI PC GPIO

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GPIO in Python on the Orange Pi PC.

Step 1: Update the system and install VNC server as we did In the previous video here follow the video:

getting started with orange pi pc and install vnc

On the console, write the following commands.apt-get update apt-get upgrade Install VNC Server Install

Tight Vnc Server entering the following command: apt-get install tightvncserverStart the VNC server

vncserver Choose a 8 character password.

Step 2: Download and install python library

start you will need the python type on Linux terminal :

sudo apt-get install python-dev

Then download the pyH3 library from:
extract the folder and place in '/home/pi' from the terminal go into that directory: cd orangepi_PC_gpio_pyH3then install it using:

python install

paython installed

step 3 : download and install wiringop

Configuration and installation.

We install the necessary packages

Apt-get install git

Apt-get install make

Apt-get install gcc

Git clone

wiring library link

Cd WiringOP

Chmod + x ./build

Sudo ./build

Commands to manage the Gpio

Gpio mode 22 out // We set the mode.

Gpio write 22 1 // We activate the Gpio 22.

Gpio write 22 0 // Disable Gpio 22.

Gpio read 22 // Read the status of the Gpio 22.

Step 1: