Introduction: OSB Folding Table

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This is my second experimental project with a folding table.

I try to find solutions to replace the original plastic surface.

I recently found a large OSB pallet thrown in the trash, and decided to re-use it.

I also found a broken plastic folding table which donated its metal legs for this project.

In this Instructable I'll show you the steps for creating an OSB folding table.

Hope you will like it, and if you have any comments,

I'd be happy if you write in the comments below.

Thank you!

Step 1: Saving the Board

First I took the board out of the container and cut it with my jig saw into 3 parts to make it fit for pickup.

Step 2: Measurements & Cut

At home I laid the metal base of the table on the OSB surface and marked the desired measurements.

I cut the surface with a circular saw.

Step 3: Wooden Structure

At this point I prepare the wooden structure for the bottom of the table to give it the structural strength.

Step 4: Glue

I join them together with glue and wooden screws.
I made sure to drill preliminary drills to prevent cracks in the wood while screwing the screws.

Step 5: Sand & Smooth

I smoothed everything with an angle grinder, and then I used rough sandpaper on Orbit Sander and in the end with fine sandpaper.

Step 6: Fill a Gap

When I checked the Quality of fit between the surfaces and the metal base, I noticed that there was a gap between them and I decided to fill it out to prevent distortion in the future. I did it with slices of wood I cut and glued.

Step 7: First Layer of Paint

I painted the surfaces with transparent lacquer, for the first time.

Step 8: Yellow Wood Profile

Because the edges of the surface crumble and did not look good after the cut and sanding, I decided to add rectangle Wood profile to the Edges.

I cut their edges at a 45 degree angle, smoothed and painted them yellow.

I applied glue and pressed them to the board with clamps until drying.

Step 9: Wood Filler

I applied wood filler material in the space left between the board and the Wood profile.

After drying, I gently smoothed it with an angle grinder.

Step 10: Painting

I painted all the wood again with transparent varnish.

and I spray painted the table legs white so that there was a contrast between the base and the top surface.

Step 11: Finish

Finally I connected the surfaces to the legs with screws.

Step 12: List of Tools & Materials

Drill Impact driver:

Orbit Sander:

Angle grinder:

Circular saw:

Jig saw:



Tape meter

3 mm drill

Protective glasses


Breathing mask

Ear protectors

Go-pro :



Wood glue

Wood screws M4x30

Clear varnish

Sanding papers 150, 400

Flap disc

painting Sponge


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