Introduction: O'SCAMP

About: Audio, video, noise.

Build a 9 volt audio oscillator and amplifier which can be controlled with light.

Can be built in an afternoon.
This workshop assumes no knowledge of electronics.

No soldering required.

Who is it for: DIY noise enthusiasts, budding audio technicians, experi/mental music producers, or anyone interested in goofing about with electronic sound.


lm386 amplifier IC

40106 oscillator IC

220r resistor

0.1uf capacitor (various will work)

LED light emitting diode

LDR light dependant resistor

potentiometer (10k - 1m will work)


9v battery

9v battery connector


dupont / connecting cables

crocodile clips

Step 1: Breadboard DIY Electonic Musical Instrument Build

Using the illustration of the breadboard assemble the circuit.

Notice the orientation of the power connections (red = positive, black = negative),

also; ICs (N.B.: see pinout).

and capacitors.

See the second breadboard image which replaces the LDR with a pot.

Pots can be added in a number of positions to control gain, frequency and feedback.

Step 2: PLAY!

Once the circuit is working (producing sound and responding to interaction with control interface) it is time to play!

Play here is a way to learn by doing.

What are the highest and lowest notes?

How loud / quiet can the instrument be?

Does it respond well to rapid or slow gestures?

For the most interesting results try to play with others; figure out a way to make sound combinations that everyone can enjoy.

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