Introduction: OTG CABLE. (On the Go) Cable

micro usb to female 3.0 usb

Step 1: I Had a Old Cell Phone Usb Cable and a Female Usb End Laying Around. So Lets Get Started.

this is a pin out I found online. really the only difference between them is that the sense wire is lisnt hooked up.

Step 2: Splice All Your Wires So They're Ready to Be Soldered Together.

I also slid a tube of heat shrink over one end before I start to solder them up.

Step 3: Cut Cover of Micro Usb Off.

I used a ecto knife. an my vise ol bessy lol. an cut along the sides an they peeled apart. there was a metal housing around it that gets stuck to the plastic so watch that. now I used an multimeter to check for the sense wire its number four pin. an it just needed to be ran to ground so I ran a extra wire down to the ground wire because there was glue or something around where the wires conected to the plug so instend of playing with glue an jumping it I just ran a wire.

Step 4: Finish It Lol

I solderd all the wire up there color coded for the most part mine was alil tricky but not rocket science. I had on one end red, black, green, an white. Typical. an the other side was clear, black, green, an grey. now I just took a wild guess an was like clear is pos or red, an grey was white. an it worked but you can also use a multimeter an test each lead to tell you which is which. so after soldering it all up I slid the heat shrink to where I wanted it used my lighter shrunk it down an I put the two peices of plastic that surrounds the micro usb on an heat shrunk that back together. pluged her in an I can plug a flash drive in an watch movies on my phone or tablet off the flash drive. or if you wanna be really cool lol you can plug a controller in an play emulators with a controller. thanks