Introduction: OTTO DIY's Extension Module for Wireless Connection

OTTO is an open source robot that is based on Arduino Nano, several motors, buzzer and a supersonic sensor.

Many kind of models are developed and published on instructables, wiki factory, and any websites. We started to IoT project for OTTO. And we choose Atom-Lite to connect WiFi. In this page, I introduce mecanical models of Atom-Lite extension module for OTTO.

Step 1: Attention!

Description of electrical circuit design and codes are published on this Japanese website "Fabble".

In our project, Arduino Nano communicate with Atom-Lite using serial communication. Arduino Nano's I/O voltage level is 5V. But Atom-Lite's IO voltage lebel is 3.3V. So, we had to design and attach voltage level conversion circuit. Please check it out.

Step 2: Mechanical Design

Atom-Lite is a module that is one of the M5 series.This module has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and some physical interfaces. And, it is the smallest module in the family. It's about 24×24×10mm,12g.

But even though, There is no spaces to place AtomLite inside of exist OTTO size. So I designed extension module attaching outside of OTTO's body. We added a notch behind of OTTO's HEAD part. This is just Press fit construction. We can construct with out screw.

Step 3: ​Electrical Connection

Atom Lite has a USB-C interface and 5V out pin. In our project, Atom-Lite's 5V out pin connect to Arduino Nano's Vin Pin. Atom-Lite's USB-C connector is on behind vertically of it. Therefore, Otto can get power supply from Atom-Lite's USB-C cable. So, OTTO can move more freely. Here is the description.