Introduction: OUR MAKER MOM/WIFE "Sarah Trask"

About: i like to make stuff

My wife is the greatest wife in the whole world. She has put up with Crazy messes, late nights and  long hours , sparks in the kitchen, paint on well everything, stains, broken toys, horrible smells, burns, cuts, fire in the bath room, latex molds in the bath room for months and so much more. Sarah is a true treasure, and she is getting into the maker mood herself. She has helped design, create and sew countless projects. She is truly the only person in the world that can put up with many of the things i create. As you look at the pictures know that behind each and every on of these projects there has been an extra set of hands helping and creating. We have one little Girl names Aurora and she is taking after mom and dad very much, always wanting to fix things, make things different and put paint and marker on her face when ever she has a chance.

Sarah was the one who put up with the smell of old bacon as the treasure box sat in the fridge for a long time.

the monopoly board almost caught our kitchen on fire, and she just laughed at me :)

Sarah helped me create the shirt that got me on the price is right

she made the Tinkerbell costume  for our daughter

Sarah wrote the step by step inscrutable on how to make the yoshi sweatshirt.

The photo of the panda shows how skilled we are becoming together

In the group of pictures you will see a video of me walking around in a dinosaur costume frame. Know Sarah was there for every step of the 6 month journey into one of the hardest builds I've ever done.
( video didn't work ) here is the link     

There is also a photo of  two light  super suits that my wife helped sew together.( and Fix many times )

We are  crazy, funny, and fill with love and creation, but  Sarah is very much the glue that bonds this wonderful creative mess we call our family :)

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