Nerf - "Oakfinder" Fancy(-ish) Nightfinder Re-shell

Introduction: Nerf - "Oakfinder" Fancy(-ish) Nightfinder Re-shell

The Nightfinder is a fine Nerf gun. Nothing really fancy, but it doesn't need to be; its simplicity and surprising range is enough. Besides, your Stampede is all fun and games until you have to reload.

Thanks to some misguided early modding attempts, I had a couple sets of internal NF components leftover from some mangled blasters. I've never had much luck making weapons from scratch, but I've wanted to at least try making a case more suitable for my needs. So, thanks to some housecleaning and leftover white oak from my father-in-law, here it is! Pretty much an ordinarily modded (read: air-restrictor removed) Nightfinder with a nifty wooden shell.

The casing itself looked rather plain (and I've been gushing over the art direction in Armored Core V lately), so I added those diamond pieces to spruce things up on one side. On the other side, I added a rack for reserve darts since those are always easier to access than anything in your pocket. And to top it all off, a piece of wenge I've been looking to get rid of; I guess I was trying to imitate an accessory rail, even though most of the stuff you can put on those are nearly useless.

I might add something to the grip to cover up how badly that turned out. The butt could probably use something, too (and by something, that'll probably mean "score beads"). But for now, I'm willing to call this classy-yet-practical blaster Done.

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