Introduction: Oakleaf Necklace for a Woodland Wedding

I had an invite to a friends Woodland Wedding (previous to pandemic stuff of course). Guests were invited to dress up with a woodland theme. I couldn't think of something suitable so decided to make an oak leaf necklace.



Brass sheet

Copper sheet

Small piece of ready made chain

Silver wire

Silver solder



Jewellery saw

Metal snips





Hand drill

Step 1: Cutting the Leaves and Acorn Shapes

For the leaves and acorns I printed out the shapes I wanted onto printer paper.

I glued these onto my sheet metal. I used metal cutting pliers to cut close to the leaf shapes.

Then I used a jewellery saw to cut around the leaves. Once cut out I used a hand drill to make the holes in the leaves to join them together with silver wire.

I used my jewellery torch to heat up the leaves so that they would take on different colours in different areas.

When the leaves were first cut out they were flat and so I used my pliers to bend them and shape them into more interesting shapes.

Then I used my hammer to give them some texture.

Step 2: Joining the Pieces Together

I used silver wire to make some large jump rings. I threaded the jump ring through the adjoining leaves and used the silver solder to join them together. I then did the same with the small chain to join on the acorns.

Step 3: Finished

I had a chain that I had previously made for another necklace which I think looked perfect for the oak leaf necklace so I used that rather than make a new one.

Here is the finished necklace and the happy couple at their wedding in beautiful woodland surroundings. It was one of the most amazing weddings I have attended. I had many compliments about my necklace :)

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