Oatmeal Pancakes: a Healthy Sunday Breakfast

Introduction: Oatmeal Pancakes: a Healthy Sunday Breakfast

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Hi there,

This is an instructable about how you can make pancakes in a healthy way.
I hope you will try this at home because this is so yummie.

Step 1: The Ingredients

The pancakes (for 4 persons):

- 4 eggs
- 300 ml milk
- 100 gr oats
- 125 ml greek yogurt (usually 1 little pot)
- a pinch of salt


- a blender
- a pancake machine or a pan
- a scale

- red fruit
- greek yogurt
- honey

Step 2: Mix It

Now you just blend all the ingredients of the pancakes.

Step 3: Table Preparation

Now you can set your table (make sure the pancake machine is connected)

You can also make the pancakes in a pan but I like to do it all together. Perfect for a laid back sunday.

Step 4: Baking

Now we can bake the pancakes.

- Put the mixture on the machine and wait till the pancakes aren't wet anymore. (the first time it will take longer)
- Turn the pancakes around to bake the other side
- Peek underneath if the pancake is almost ready
- Then you can serve them

Step 5: Dress Them Up

Now we can show off our garnishing skills.
Take some greek yogurt and some red fruit, if you like it sweet, you can add some honey.

And the feast! Enjoy your healthy breakfast!

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