Introduction: Oats Uthappam

_ Uthappam is a type of dosa from South india. It is called by different names in different states. In tamil nadu it is called uthappam, in karnataka it is known as uttappa and in kerela as Oothappam.
_ Compared to normal dosa which is thin and crisp uthappam is thick with toppings.
_ Oats uthappam is another healthy version.Oats normally have a bland taste .By combing oats with Semolina and other vegetable toppings,spices we can make delicious and nutritious breakfast.



_ One cup oats

_ Half cup fine Semolina

_ One cup curd

_ One and half cup water

_ Salt as per taste

_ Finely chopped Onions

_Grated carrot

_ Few chopped coriander leaves

_ Pepper powder

Step 1: First Step

_ Take One cup of oats and half cup of fine Semolina in blender .

Step 2: Add Curd and Blend

_ Add one cup of curd and blend to paste .Add about half cup water and reblend again .

Step 3: Transfer Blended Batter to Vessel

_ Transfer the blended batter to vessel and keep adding about one cup water slowly little by little
_ Adjust consistency in such a way that we can easily spread the batter on the pan .

Step 4: Add Salt to the Batter

_ Add salt as per taste to the batter and give a mix.

Step 5: Preparing Toppings

_ Take a bowl and add finely chopped onions,green chillies and grated carrot .

Step 6: Add Coriander Leaves

_ Add freshly chopped coriander leaves and give a mix .

Step 7: Add Pepper Powder

_ Add pepper powder and mix everything.

Step 8: Making Uttapam

_ Heat the pan and take some laddle full of batter and spread in circular motion from inwards to outwards using laddle.
_ Add few drops of oil on all the corners of uttapam.
_ Uttapam should be little thick and not as thin as normal dosa

Step 9: Add the Prepared Toppings

_ Add the prepared toppings on uttapam and cook for few minutes

Step 10: Flip and Cook

_ Once the base turns little brown flip and cook on other side for few seconds

Step 11: Make All the Uttapams

_ Make all the uttapams with the remains batter in same way
_ Serve them hot

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