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Introduction: Obelisk Board Game

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Obelisk is a cooperative tower defense strategy game for 2 to 5 players. You play as guardians, defending your world from monsters appearing from a nearby portal. The monsters are easily disoriented, so keep them contained by turning trail signs. Use towers to capture monsters and upgrade your defenses! The monsters may seem mostly harmless but be warned: If they walk in a loop, an even larger portal will open!

This game is now available at theGameCrafter.com

Need access to:

  • Laser Cutter that can cut 1 foot x 2 foot plywood that is 1/8 inch thick
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • USB Stick
  • (Optional) Masking Tape
  • (Optional) Colored Pencils (Purple, Yellow, Red)


  • 1x Red Bag ($2) or an Old Sock
  • (Optional) 75x Blank Dice 16mm ($10) or just use the laser cut hex monsters
    • 25x Purple, 25x Yellow, 25x Red
  • 8x Dice (D6) from your local game store or dice from other games you already own
    • 2x Blue, 2x Red, 2x Green, & 2x Purple.
  • Box to put the game in when done ( 9in x 6.5in x 3in is a good size)
  • One sheet of 12in x 24in x 1/8in thick MDF or other plywood. You can usually buy this from the MakerSpace directly. ($ 7)

Step 1: Laser Cut the Game Tiles and Tokens

  • Download the Obelisk_1.33.cdr CorelDRAW file and put it on a USB stick
  • If your laser cutter can't use .cdr files, there are two other options, .svg and .ai that we have included just in case
  • (Optional) Get some 2" wide masking tape
  • Go to your local MakerSpace and ask them for help etching and cutting the board, monsters, and rotation tokens.
  • (Optional) Don't etch and cut in one operation. Finish etching. Then remove the board and clean the top surface.Then cover that top surface with the masking tape and cut. This will diminish burn marks.
  • Peel the tape off everything once you're done.

Step 2: Color the Hex Monsters

You can play with etched and cut monsters until the other monsters arrive in the mail. Or if you didn't order the other monsters, these hex monsters will become your permanent monsters. The number of "eyes" on the monster is the monster health. If you take out a your purple / yellow / red colored pencils, you can add some color to your monsters.

  • Hex monsters with one dot on them can be colored purple
  • Hex monsters with four dots on them can be colored yellow
  • Hex monsters with six dots on them can be colored red

Step 3: Print Guides and Manual

  • Updated game manuals can be downloaded for free in large or small format from theGameCrafter.com .
  • Print out the game manual in color
  • We recently put together new player guides. Download

    Obelisk_Standard_Print_and_Play_v4.pdf and print out just page 6 and 7.

  • Fold the player manual in half.
  • Cut the player guides out, (there are 6 per sheet for a total of 11 guides)

Step 4: Play the Game and Write a Review

Once you have the game in hand, play a few rounds and give us some
feedback on what you think of the rules and if the game was enjoyable.

Also feel free to write us a review on Board Game Geek.

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    5 years ago

    That looks fun! We haven't had a board game night in a long time, the favorite is usually Smash Up or CaH. :)