Introduction: Object Counter


The project uses an infrared LED and an infrared receiver to count objects passing through a place.

When an object breaks the beam between the emitter and the receiver, a counter is increased by 1.


-Intel Edison/Intel Galileo

-IR Receiver and Emitter Pair

-10k, 220 ohm Resistors

-Breadboard and Jumper cables

-Arduino IDE compatible with the Edison and Galileo

Step 1: Connecting the Infrared Emitter

The emitter looks just like a normal clear LED but once connected, you can only see the infrared using a normal camera such as a phone camera.

The connection is as shown above.

Step 2: Infrared Receiver / PhotoTransistor

It looks like a normal LED physically, but is black in colour.

Step 3: PhotoTransistor Connection

Connect the IR Receiver as shown on the breadboard and align the Emitter and the Receiver.

Make sure there is some space between them.

Connect the output to analog pin A0.

Step 4: The Code

Upload the above code to your board and open the Serial terminal.

Every time an object breaks the beam between the Emitter and the receiver, the counter increases by 1 and outputs the current number of objects to the serial monitor.