Introduction: Object Sensor Machine

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Intro: There is always a problem of people don't know where do they put things or don't know whether the object is on the right place, and people always forget to take thing and forget put it into their belonging place. So my object sensor machine is when they put on the machine the light turn green and when you take it off, the light turn red. If you are in a far place,You still can see if your thing stays at the right place from, since the light is very obvious and you will be able to know where it is and find it very easy. Not only for seeing the object is there, when you are in a dark place and it is hard to see if the object is there and you make kick it and and step on it to cause injuries and so if you put the thing on it the lED light will shine and you can see there is object there and you can avoid it and so it can help you to organize things and also help to avoid unnecessary trouble


- Arduino Breadboard ( Leonardo)

- Lightbulb (2 green, 2 red)

- Button (2)

- Resistor (6) (2 blue, 4 yellow)

- Wire with two side (16)

- Female to male wire (12)

- A box ( Horizontal 36 x vertical 29 x Height 9.5)

Step 1: Step 1 Create the Code

You can download the website line:

1.Insert the code into your Arduino

2.Your can change whether the number of Botton or change into other thing like sensor

Step 2: Create Your Circuit

1 You will be using the circuit of Botton and LED light

2.If you want to do two than change place *the another one




Step 3: Making the Box

1. Having a 36x 29 x9.5

2.Then carve 3.5 x 3.5 circle for the Botton at the Diagonal side corner

3. Next, carve 0.6 x 0.6 circle for the light at all 4 corner

4.The assemble them, poke the Botton and light into the circle

5.You can paint the box to make it more exquisite but it is optional

Step 4: Assemble

1.When you finish all of the step above, you may put them together

2.Put the box over your Breadboard, make sure to cover up

3.Make sure your thing works

4.. you may put things like computer to see how it works

Step 5: Done!

This can help people have trouble of finding things and it is easy for people to make and it helps people in real life a lot. The purpose is to let other to learn to have habit to clean your thing and to make sure you know where your thing put at. According to those picture you can see that there is light that will remind you that you have to put back things where they belong and it make people to remember when they get used to it, so it really helps people and it doesn't have age restriction for having it or doing it.

Step 6: