Introduction: Obstacle Avoidance Car

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Angle sensor car is a self-avoidance intelligent car, the body of the car using aluminum frame, the main control using Arduino/Nano microcontroller, the circuit board adopt a plug-in design(it is easier to connect external sensor via microcontroller IO port). The body is equipped with the angle sensor , which can accurately measure the relative angle of the object, with barrier avoidance and path planning function, compared to the traditional infrared and ultrasonic barrier avoidance program, the response speed is fast, obstacle recognition is more accurate.

Step 1: About Angle Sensor

The Angle sensor is a sensor which can detect multiple angles of devices. The sensor adapts 32 bits main control , and uses 8 channels infrared sensor to detect the object, you can detect the sensor directly in front of the 180 degrees diameter of more than 1cm of objects, the furthest detection distance is up to 30cm, Meanwhile, it can obtain the angle of the object relative to the sensor, and the sensor can calculate the best route to avoid the object in real time, reducing the difficulty of development. The sensor has two modes of communication, serial port and IIC, supporting 3.3V and 5V communication levels, and can communicate directly with Arduino and STM32 microcontrollers

Step 2: Prepare Things You Need

1.Toy Car shell

2. Wheels *2, Universal Wheel

3.Motors *2

4.Circuit Board

5. Angle sensor


7.Screws and Nuts

Step 3: Install the Toy Car

First, Install the two motors in the car and then install the universal wheel at the bottom of the front car.

Next, insall the two wheels on the side and fasten them with screws.

Step 4: Insall Circuit Board

Install three copper studs to the corresponding position of the picture show, and circuit board is mounted on three copper studs

Step 5: Fix Battery

Fixed battery bracket, and paste magic stickers on battery , and then insert angle sensor.

Now, the car is finshed.