Obstacle Avoidance System for Pixhawk, APM, KK, DJI Naza, Etc.




Introduction: Obstacle Avoidance System for Pixhawk, APM, KK, DJI Naza, Etc.

In this tutorial, we are going to make Obstacle Avoidance System for Pixhawk, APM, KK, DJI Naza, etc. This technique will work on almost all the flight controllers.

Because Here the receiver is not directly connected to the flight controller. It is connected to the Arduino and the Arduino is connected to the flight controller. and here we are using the ultrasonic sensor module to identify object. Here we are using 6 Ultrasonic sensor modules and this all 6 ultrasonic sensor module is connected to the Arduino.


Step 1: Make Drone

First, If you have not make drone make drone using this video.


Step 2: Configure System for Obstacle Avoidance

After making drone please check the drone propely. is it working properly or not if it is not working properly then fix the problem and then after connect this system for Obstacle Avoidance.

As shown in the image connect the receiver of the drone to the Arduino nano and all the ultrasonic sensors to the Arduino nano.

The after Arduino Nano will be connected to the receiver input pin of the Flight controller.

What is the logic here?

Here PWM Signal which comes from the receiver will not directly go to the flight controller.

The receiver will interact with the Arduino Nano. Here all ultrasonic sensors also connected to the Arduino nano. So, Arduino Nano forward the signal to the flight controller as it is. if there are not any obstetrical. If any obstetrical will come then Arduino analyze the both data which is coming from the Receiver and Ultrasonic module. After that Arduino nano forwards the PWM signal to the Flight controller to avoid an obstacle.

Step 3:

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    6 months ago

    How do I connect it to a Naza controller?


    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    where is the connection of flight controllers channel 6?


    Reply 11 months ago

    You can connect channel 6 direct to the flight controller. because this code does not support and actually channel 6 doses not required to for Obstacle Avoidance System.