Introduction: Obstacle Avoiding Robot Using Arduino Uno

Hi guys this a very simple and working project called as obstacle avoider robot using arduino and the speciality of this project is it gives commands of what way it is travelling on smartphone through bluetooth.

Step 1: Things Required

Things required for this project are:-

1. arduino uno

2. ultrasonic sensor

3. hc-05 bluetooth module(optional)

4. L293d motor driver sheild

5. robot chassis

6. some jumper wires

software used are arduinoIDE and bluetooth terminal hc-05

Step 2: Procedure (connections)

Mount motor driver shield on arduino

ultrasonic sensor

trig-A0 of arduino

echo-A1 of arduino

vcc-5v of arduino

gnd-gnd of arduino

Hc-05 bluetooth module

vcc-5v of arduino
gnd-gnd of arduino

tx-rx of arduino

rx-tx of arduino


motor1-m3 of shield

motor2-m4 of shield

Step 3: Working

When power supply is added to arduino ultrasonic sensor will get activited and if the distance is more than 40cm it will go forward and if the distance is less than 40cm it will move backward and then turn right. this process goes on continuing until power supply is taken out. The information about movements and distance will arrive on the app.

Step 4: Uploading the Code

Download the code from the below link and upload the code from arduino IDE software.

Step 5: Final Step

Connect a 12v power supply to arduino and download bluetooth terminal app in your smart phone and connect to your bluetooth module and enjoy.

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