Introduction: Obstacle Avoiding Robot

This is a Simple Obstacle Avoiding Virtual Circuit Built using the TinkerCAD Simulation. In this Project our Virtual Circuit is made to make the motors turn in left direction when the distance is less than 10 cms else it will rotate forward.

Step 1: Components Required

The Following are the components that is required to make this Circuit:

  • Breadboard - 1 No.
  • L293D (Motor Driver) - 1 No.

  • DC Motors - 2 Nos.

  • Arduino UNO - 1 No.

  • Ultrasonic Sensor - 1 No.

Step 2: Connections

Make the following connections as shown in the above Image

Step 3: Code-Blocks

Assemble the following Codeblocks as shown in the Image using the TinkerCAD Simulation Environment.