Obstacle Avoiding Rover With Dexter

Introduction: Obstacle Avoiding Rover With Dexter

If you are new to Dexter Community please refer the https://www.instructables.com/id/Getting-Started-With-Dexter/

In this project we are developing a Obstacle avoiding Rover using our Dexter board and Ultrasonic Sensor.




Acrylic Base
Four Geared DC motor Wheel

Motor positioning Stencil

Mounting Screws

Connecting Wires

Four 9V Batteries

Step 1: Setup Your Rover

Step 2: Connect Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04

Please connect your HC-SR04 as follows

VCC - 5V


echo - 3

trig - 2

Insert the sensor into the slot provided in the Rover. Connect the wires as above. Please look the image for a reference

Step 3: Compile and Upload Your Program to Dexter

Now Please download the given code to your Arduino IDE. Now, From tools
select the board as Arduino Uno, and also select the your port at tools-->port Now compile and Upload the program

Step 4: Go Get Your Dexter!!!

Know more about dexter at dexter.resnova.in
Get a dexter and start working on your cool projects :)

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