Introduction: Obstacle Detecting Robot

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Speaking of mobile platforms, you might come up with ideas such as line tracking, obstacle avoidance, anti-dropping, environment monitoring, etc. The project for today, is a robot that detects an object & decides whether to follow or avoid it. The basic function of the Obstacle Following robot is simple: it follows you. It goes forward as you go forward; goes backward as you go backward; turns left/right as you turn left/right. When you stop moving, it stops as well. The Obstacle Avoiding Robot Robot is just the opposite.

Step 1: Step 1 - Your Amazing Innovations Box, WitBlox and the Model Robot Is All That You Would Need for This Project. Take Out the Battery, Power, in Out Expansion, Motor Drivers and IR Sensing Modules

Step 2: Step 2 - Here We Use Power Block As the Source of Energy Along With Battery, Distance Sensor As Input and Driver With Motors As Output.

Step 3: Step 3 -We Have Used One Distance sensor to Identify the Moving Direction of Object. There Can Be More Too. by Sensing the Object, the Robot Will Activate the Two Motors and Start Following It.

Step 4 - You can change the switches of the Driver block to make it Obstacle Avoiding Robot and make it mov inthe opposite direction. Build it and make it follow you to see it working, head over to our YouTube channel.

Take the Obstacle Detecting robot to the park along with you. So now you will have a robotic pet with you wherever you go. Try modifying it and let us know about it.