Ocean Plait Braid

Introduction: Ocean Plait Braid

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The ocean plait braid is a really nice mat knot to make.

If made big enough it can be a coaster or bigger, a carpet.

It is based on a right handed overhand knot (just reverse the one shown on instructables.com/id/How-to-Tie-an-Overhand-Knot/).



Step 1: Tie a Right Handed Overhand Knot Exactly Like This.

Step 2: Turn the Loops Left

Step 3: Put the Left Loop on the Right One

Step 4: Braid It Like This

Step 5: And the Other Side Too!

Step 6: To Double, Put It Back Up Like This

Step 7: Tada! Tada! Tada!

I tripled this one. You can too! Be patient!

Step 8: For More...

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