Introduction: Octopus Pin Cushion

For this project you will need:
a ball pattern (any one from the internet will do)

fabric (1/4 yard will do, I just used scraps that I found.)

lots of cotton



sewing machine


tweezers (optional)

Step 1: Cutting the Fabric

Cut out the ball pattern from the fabric. Most of the patterns on the web has six parts, but I chose one with eight. It doesn't either way as long as it makes a ball shape. Also cut out 16 tear shaped pieces, about 2 in long, out.

Step 2: Pinning the Tentacles

Pin two tear drop shaped pieces together, wrong side out.

Step 3: Sewing the Tentacles

Use the sewing machine to sew the two pieces together. Make sure to leave around a 1 inch gap. Do the same to the other 7 pairs.

Step 4: Flipping and Stuffing the Tentacles

Flip them so the right side of the fabric is on the outside (I use tweezers to help get the point). Stuff them with as much cotton as they can hold and hand sew the hole.

Step 5: Sewing the Body

Sew the body pieces together wrong side out. Leave about an inch from each end, It makes it easier to sew. Sew on the eyes before you sew the first piece to the last piece. Once they are all sewn together, hand sew the top.

Step 6: Stuffing the Body

Turn the body so the right side is facing out. Stuff the body until it cannot hold any more and hand sew it shut.

Step 7: Conneting the Tentacles to the Body

Position and hand sew the tentacles to the body. After that, it is completed.

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