Introduction: Ocufreak Quest 2 Headstrap and Headphones

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I purchased the Oculus Quest 2 and realized very quickly that I needed the optional $50 solid head strap because the stock one allowed the unit to slide all over if you are too active. After a supply delay, the Elite strap showed up and was a real game changer. Although, it would not allow over-the-ear headphones to sit totally flat. So I came up with a mod that allowed the best of both worlds, for CHEAPER!


Step 1: Cut Your Strap

Remove the side knobs and the sweat band in front. Then cut the center front of the strap. Remove the top support if you intend on using the headphones I used. Otherwise, keep that section intact.

Step 2: Mounting the Headgear

Disconnect the original fabric strap from the headset. Cut your original Oculus Quest 2 strap at the front, where the fabric connects with the plastic mounts. Then trim the new Jackson headgear ends to match the front of the Oculus strap. Use sand paper to 'rough' up the surface(of the Jackson headgear) that needs to be glued to the fabric(stretchy headband side) of the Oculus strap. Use regular superglue and liberally coat the surface of the Jackson headgear that needs to connect to the Oculus mounts. Outline the area with a sharpie beforehand as a guide for the glue.

Stick them together accurately because the glue will set almost immediately. Hold them together with a gloved hand so the glue sets in all the areas desired.

Step 3: Mounting the Headphones

The Jackson replacement headgear has adjustment holes that a 1/4" nut sits in quite well. Knowing this, use 1/4" nuts, 10-32 x 1 1/2" screws, 10-32 nuts and whatever combination of washers you have laying around to keep the assembly from sliding through the plastic. There is a little bit of room at the rear of the hinge point (of the headphone pivot) that allows you do drill a hole (3/16") for the hardware. Be careful not to drill too close to the pivot area because it may lock-up that headphone.

Step 4: Audio and Adjustment

I used an adapter (90 Degree Elbow 3.5mm Right Angle Male To Female) that can be found everywhere, so the audio jack was not sticking straight out of the Oculus. I also cut down the cable (gave it a few extra inches) and re-soldered (google "instructables solder headphone wires" the connection. You can not make this short connection because you need to move the connection down in order to charge the unit.

Adjustment of the face-to-ear is done by either moving the headphone mounting from one slot to another on the Jackson headgear by removing the bolt and re-installing the assembly. Another way is by tipping the top head strap over a little, which pivots the headphone position.

It took me a little while to figure this arrangement out and I'm still learning. From the people that have used it a little, they are very happy with the setup.

In the end, you get a better head strap and headphones for less money.