Introduction: Odd or Even Hand Cricket Game Vs Intelligence Added Computer in C++

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Hand Cricket/ Odd or Even is a popular game among us right from school days. In this instructable, we develop this game in C++. It is a one player game in which you have to play against computer, who is not dumb. Computer is not putting random numbers onto screen like the traditional way of developing the game. Instead, it learns from you, how is your play style, and what tricks you are trying to pull out, analyses your match stats with computer, and makes decisions. So I believe its gonna be fun.

Step 1: Make Sure You Have All the Tools Ready

1) C/C++ compiler with support of all libraries used in the source code

2) A C/C++ Development platform like visual studio or code blocks. I used code blocks.

3) The code is editable, however pay caution, as it involves so many tiny details. It is successfully tested and verified code in windows platform.

Step 2: First Run

1) Download the files from attached RAR and make a new C/C++ project, with all cpp files and headers in given in the RAR.

2) After successful compilation and build, run the exe.

Step 3: Initial Setup

1) Select Choice 2

2) Type in your name and create your profile. From next time you can load this profile.

3) You can either go to game mode/training mode. In Training Mode, you have to give random data from 0-6 to train the computer. You can give up to 30 data. You can quit feeding the training data at anytime, by typing in "S" or "s" and pressing ENTER. I suggest first go to training mode and train the computer.

4) Go to Game Mode to start playing !

Step 4: Rules

1) You can only enter numbers from 0 to 6 in gameplay.

2) Match result can be a Win/Loss/Draw.

3) Pay caution while editing code, make a backup always.

DO NOT TRY to be so smart....Computer can be smarter ;) #HaveFun