Introduction: Oddish! a Tillandsia Planter

This table/desk decorator or a planter is a super awesome , very easy and take almost no time to make.

Actually this is one of the cutest Pokémon,Oddish that resembles a blue plant bulb with ovoid feet. Tillandsia is an Air plant which doesn't require soil or regular watering for its growth, it also gives a red beautiful flower.

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • DAS air hardening modeling clay
  • Acrylic colors(Blue,white,red and black)
  • Soft painting brush
  • Palette knife (or something sharp and pointed like this)
  • Pointed pin
  • Tillandsia or any other small plant

Step 2: Preparations -

Take some clay as big as you want to make Planter.

Make a clay ball. Using a palette knife or something which is sharp and pointed make a small circle in the ball and take out some of the clay from there. now it'll look like a fourth picture shown here.

Step 3: Legs and Face

For the legs:

Make 2 small legs from the clay removed out of the ball and attach it.

For face:

With a pin draw its eyes and mouth.

Now take a very little clay and make 2 tiny eye balls and put some black color to it with the pointed pin place those eye balls exactly where you have drawn its eyes.

Similarly take some clay and mix red color to it and with a pointed pin place it properly where you have made a mouth. For realistic eye: With the pointed pin make a small white dot on both the eyes.

BE CAREFUL hold it gently while doing the above steps as its not dried yet and your finger may leave the texture over it.

Step 4: Coloring the Planter(Oddish)

You can color it once clay dries.

You can chose any color you want, here I have taken blue as the oddish is of color blue(For Pokemon Fans)

Take very soft brush so that it doesn't harm the plain texture of the planter, paint it gently and let it dry for sometime.

Step 5: Oddish in the Home

The cute beautiful planter is here.

I have put my favorite plant Tillandsia(air plant) to it as it doesn't require any soil or water just a very little water spray twice it a week.

You can keep it anywhere you want but here I am gonna place it on my office desk. I hope you enjoyed your stay!


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