Introduction: Odin's Raven

I started by drawling the outline of the base of my boat and then using a jigsaw to cut the base out.


The materials I used were the following:

  1. 3 art shipping boxes, 40" x 36" x 5" that we bought from Postal Annex
  2. 4 rolls of Gorilla Tape
  3. 1 can of black spray paint
  4. 1 bag of black feathers
  5. 1 bag of large stickers

Step 1: Building the Sides of the Boat

I then measured side walls to wrap each side of the boat.

Step 2: Molding the Boat

I had to bend and mold the cardboard around the base to take shape.

Step 3: Trimming the Edges

I had to use a box cutter to trim off excess cardboard.

Step 4: Taping the Boat

I asked my dad to help me hold the boat while I taped it to hopefully make it waterproof.

Step 5: More Taping

More pictures of me taping.

Step 6: And More Taping ..

This is why I used 4 rolls of tape.

Step 7: Spray Painting

Here I am spray painting the wings to be added for decoration.

Step 8: Adding the Boat Name

Here I am putting on the last of the letters to my boat.

Step 9: Details

Adding the feathers to my boat to make if look like a raven.

Step 10: Completed Boat

I'm happy with my finished product. I hope it floats!