Introduction: Office Desk Box

This instructable was created in fulfillment of the project requirement of the Makecourse at the University of South Florida (

This design serves as an equipment that simplifies a work desk space by helping keep your stationary, cell phone and small items organized while making your day comfortable with the cool breeze of the fan during the hot summer.

This tutorial contains all the necessary details such as the items required, arduino sketch and the 3D printed parts model to replicate the project.

Step 1: The Design and Idea

The Idea was to have a multi functional equipment that can be used daily and makes one comfortable while working on a desk.

The Fan body, blades and the front stationary holder are 3D printed for the assembly.

The box is controllable with an IR remote and has two LED lights for displaying the processes.

Step 2: Items Required & the Wiring Schematic

- Arduino UNO - DC Motor

- Servo - IR remote & receiver

- Diode - Transistor

- Resistors - Proximity sensor

- Batteries - LEDs

- An external power source for the motor is required to avoid getting interruptions for IR receiver.

- The transistor, diode and a resistor are used with a PWM arduino pin for controlling the motor.

Step 3: Arduino Sketch

The arduino sketch is pretty easy to follow through with the main file attached.

The sketch calls for servo and IR receiver libraries and the following section of the sketch has all the instantiations. The sketch is well categorized for finding the variables and troubleshooting.

IF statements are used for the IR communication, for each button pressed on the remote, the IR receiver reads a particular value and if that values is true then the code under that statement is carried out.

Step 4: Future Improvements

There are many improvements or additions that can be done to the box.

- One can add a LCD display to the front face and display messages or process statuses.

- I wanted to add a small speaker at the back to plug my phone to and enjoy music while working/studying alone.

- A phone charger can also be added to the box and make it a charging station for your desk.

Many more additions can be done. One just has to Imagine, Design and Print!