Office Foot Stool From an Old Tray Table

Introduction: Office Foot Stool From an Old Tray Table

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My wife needs a foot rest for her desk at work.  I looked around the house, and found an old folding tray table that does the trick.  Using simple hand tools and a few fasteners I found around the house, here is what I came up with.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies


Tray Table (Salvage)
Duct Tape


Hand Saw
Tape Measure
Drill with bit (to pre-drill for Screws)

Step 2: Visualize

I used a drawing pad to visualize the finished product.  Hold a flat object against the tray-table to figure out how long to leave the legs.

Step 3: Cut Legs to Length

Cut leg to length, ours are 5 1/2 inches.

Step 4: Cut Supports

Use the left over pieces from the try table to cut supports for the legs.

Step 5: Assemble

Assemble by:

1.  Attach a dowel support to attached the legs to each other.
2.  Attach leg supports to tray table top and to the leg - do this for each leg


Step 6: Enjoy

Give it a test drive, then present a one-of-a-kind (until you make one) gift.

Thanks to my tenn-age Daughter for taking pictures and helping design this item.

Step 7: Document

Last step is to create an instructable so that everyone can build on and improve this simple idea :)

This is my first Instructable - so I'm anxious to see what you all think!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Necessity is the mother of invention...and if you do not like what I built, then buy me new one. These are 2 of my favorite sayings. So why did I bring this up? Glad you asked. LOL

    Regardless if this is your first, or 50th instructable, I fail to see what there is NOT to love about this. It's cheap(as in low cost), it's well built, & completely functional. what more could a Lady ask for? AND...(here's the kicker) is made by none other than hers truly....You. her knight in shining armor! : )

    I serious like this...I really do. There is a few things I may change, like adding carpeting, & maybe change the color, but that's trivial stuff.

    You did great I think...Hope she loves it! : )


    9 years ago

    Bless you. I am not 5ft so this will help a lot. And bless you for being out in the snow to make a gift for your sweety