Office Supplies Bow and Arrow

Introduction: Office Supplies Bow and Arrow

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Build a working bow and arrow (and supporting figurine)

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need-
-Wire Cutters
-Super Glue
-Note Card
-Hot Glue Gun
-X-acto knife
-Paper Clips 
-Rubber Band
-Tooth Picks 

Step 2: Making the Bow

First Take a paper clip, and open it up
Next Curve it in a bigger "U" shape
Next bend the edges so the form a Hook
Third Take the rubber band, and "fold" it in half so it is like 2 rubber bands
Insert the Rubber band on the 2 hooks so it forms the "string" 

Step 3: Making the Arrow

Take the 2 toothpicks, and super glue the together
Next cut 2 small pieces of the tooth pick, and add them to the front.
Next cut a small rectangle in the back on the toothpick.
Then cut out 2 note card fins and add them to the back.

Step 4: The Figurine

First Cut the body pieces out of a paper clip
Glue the pieces together
Then attach to the eraser

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    your moms plumber

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