Introduction: Office Supply Picture Frame

This instructable will show you how to make a frame with glazing using office supplies for a small-medium sized piece of art.

WARNING: This instructable involves a size of art that is 12x10 inches (at most) in size. Use a piece of this size or smaller for best results.

The instructions will be presented as a grid of images that follow the written steps beneath them going from left to right.

Step 1: Materials

  • Four wooden rulers
  • One sheet of white poster paper that is 14X14 inches (I purchased a large one and cut it to this size )
  • Krazy glue or any glue that can stick to wood
  • Scissors
  • One clear, plastic sliding report cover sheet (They normally come in packs. Purchase the clear (not frosted) kind where the border is an optional slide on because you will only want the plastic that covers the sheet)
  • Sixteen medium (3M) command strips with their tabs cut off
  • Tape
  • A pen with a sharp point
  • And don’t forget your art piece!


  1. First, grab the four rulers.
  2. Take the rulers and arrange them so that you have two “L” shapes with the numbers facing up. (if your rulers have one metal edge like mine make sure to put the metal edge on the outside of the L)
  3. Use the Krazy glue to glue the long edge of one ruler to the short edge of the other. Apply the glue to both edges and hold them together for five minutes.
    • WARNING: Krazy glue sticks to skin and anything you touch very quickly. Glue carefully to minimize contact with skin.
  4. Once the “L”s are stable, flip them over so you can no longer see numbers and place glue on the line where the edges of the rulers meet.
  5. Immediately take one of the command strips and remove the plastic that says “this side to wall” in black writing. The side should now be sticky. Place the sticky side of the command strip onto where you just placed glue on the rulers. The red writing of the command strip should be facing you. Let dry for ten minutes.
  6. Once both “L” shapes are completely dry, glue them together in the same way done in steps 2-4.
    • NOTE: it is important to first do one corner and allow it to dry and then complete the other corner.


  1. Take a command strip and remove the plastic with the black writing. Place the now sticky side in the center of one of the rulers. Be sure not to block the holes of the ruler. Repeat this step for each ruler.
  2. Remove one clear plastic report cover from the packaging.
  3. Open the cover and flatten the crease from the fold.
  4. Place the cover over a white sheet so it is more visible. And place your frame over the cover. Using a pen, draw a line on the cover where plastic may be excess.
  5. Remove the frame and cut off the excess plastic along these lines. You now have glazing.
  6. Place the frame face down so that no numbers are visible. Remove the red plastic covering the command hooks so that they are now sticky. Keeping the glazing tight in your hands so that no wrinkles form, carefully place it over the command strips and press firmly down on the regions glazing and command strip meet. (Final image shows the final product at an angle so plastic is visible)


  1. At this point, your frame should still be placed faced down without numbers showing. Take your piece of art and place face down onto the glazing so that no image is seen.
  2. Center the artwork and tape each corner down onto the glazing. This will ensure the art does not slide around in the frame.
  3. Grab your 14x14 in poster paper and place it next to the frame. Take four command strips and in the similar manner as the frame, remove the plastic with black writing and stick the command strips on each corner of the paper. Take your final four command strips and attach them near the center of each edge of the paper but not directly in the center so that when the paper is placed on the frame, a command strip does not cover the holes of the rulers.
  4. Remove the red plastic covering the command strips and place the paper carefully on the frame, pressing down firmly on where the command strips are.
  5. Locate the center hole of the ruler that you wish to be the top of the frame. Using your scissors recreate that hole in the poster paper behind it. You now have a hole to hang your art through.

Step 5: You Now Have a Complete Frame With Glazing!