Introduction: Office Tools: Hands-Free Paper Holder on Sides of LCD Monitor. I Made It in TechShop

     To make paper holder that could be attached to side of LCD Monitor.
     To continue implementing new ideas and rapidly create working prototypes or even final product through use of TechShop Million Dollars worth of softwares and hi-tech tools.

Design Consideration:
      * Slide the paper into the slim opening. The marbles are displaced.  But gravity create friction and hold the paper in place.
      * Compact and Space Savings.
      * Uses Gravity only.   No hard clip.
      * Marbles and plastic parts.  No metal parts.  No rusting and paint jobs.
      * The top portion and bottom section is open so that longer piece of paper could be used.

     Another quick and successful project done on Epilog Laser Cutter.  I use TechShop Corel Draw.