Introduction: Office Weapons: Psycho Blaster


Sorry for the wait, everyone -- materials for my projects are running low. I'm also busy with more menial things, as well as my hidden talent to procrastinate.

Well, this was something I created a year ago (I think) after I saw the book Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction. My fascination with it stretched beyond the normal shooters left in lore, and traversed the bridge to my own creative imagination (i.e. me boasting about myself).

Some of these things are a little exotic, so be prepared to go out of your way if you really want to make this.

You will need:
 - 3 pen caps
 - 1 marker cap
 - 1 pen housing
 - 4 cards
 - 1 thin marker housing
 - 1 binder clip
 - 1 rubber band
 - 1 plastic bottle mouth
 - 2 Ramune plunger holders (The green things in the picture -- you get them from Japanese sodas)
 - 1 Ramune plunger
 - 3 plastic bottle caps
 - 1 capsule
 - 1 glue stick cap (Not shown)

Step 1: The Shooting Mechanism

 - Marker cap
 - Ramune plunger
 - Rubber band
 - Pen cap
 - Glue stick cap

Time to take the marker cap and cut two even slats on its opening. Be careful with this, otherwise you will find yourself in a bloody mess. I used what my friends call the "Cheese knife", but that doesn't mean I didn't take a risk. Be patient when cutting -- it'll still be there when you're done.

On the opposite side of the cap (The part that is closed), stick in the Ramune plunger. The fit should be snug, otherwise you are probably using the wrong size of marker. Next, take the pen cap and put it into the open side of the marker cap, sandwiching a rubber band between them. It doesn't hurt to add a touch of glue -- I certainly did so. After that, glue on the blue stick cap on the Ramune plunger's face.

BAM, the shooting mechanism is complete/

Step 2: Mechanism Housing

 - 2 cards
 - 1 plastic bottle mouth
 - 1 Ramune Plunger holder

This is cake. . . Well, actually it's two cards over plastic. Fold the two cards somewhat in thirds -- the space in the middle need only be large enough for the plastic bottle mouth. After applying some glue to the sides of the cards (You should achieve a rectangular prism, as in the pictures), stick the bottle mouth into one side. The screw-on part should face the outside.

On the opposite side, put in the Ramune plunger holder. The direction it faces does not matter. Apply generous amounts of a super glue of some kind to both plastic pieces to keep them firmly in place -- a hot glue gun really comes in handy here, but something thick like Gorilla glue or wood glue would be just fine.

Step 3: Main Body

 -  2 cards
 - 1 binder clip
 - 2 pen caps
 - 1 pen housing
 - 1 thin marker housing

Arrange the pen cap, marker housing, pen housing, and binder clip in the formation above. Fold the two cards twice, the middle being enough to hold the pen and marker. Glue the sides together and slide it into place (Picture). Whatever pen housing sticks out, cut it off. Now bend the pen cap to a 90 degree angle.

Step 4: Handle

 - 3 bottle caps
 - 1 capsule
 - 1 pen cap

Umm. . . Look at the pictures. I know it's a little hard to see, but the caps are arranged like this: | _ | though the bottom takes the whole space below, and the two on top are sandwiched together. This is where a hot glue gun REALLY comes in handy, because my version looks pretty ghetto with its tape plastered all over it. However, if you have no other alternative, tape saves.

Then arrange everything on top of that, with glue or tape. . . The capsule is something difficult to come by. I usually use the casing for those soda-pop-fizzy candy things (See end picture), but I had to saw down a glow stick -- I'm sorry, "Glo-stick", as it so wants to be called -- case.


Glue everything down together in this order (From top to bottom): Mechanism housing, Main body, Handle. Easy, right? To arm the device, loop the trigger mechanism around the binder clip arms and slip the mechanism through the mechanism housing (i.e. the bottle mouth and Ramune plunger holder). ITS DONE!

To fire, insert a projectile into the trigger mechanism (Anything that fits in a glue cap) and pull the thing back. Aim, and release -- this thing is rather accurate, though it doesn't hurt as much as the things in Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction. Which brings me to my other point, Don't damage other beings. Unlike others, I would say you are permitted to fire this at living beings, so long as you're not stupid enough to launch something lethal at them or something to a lethal area. Besides, it's funny to see people react when they are spontaneously struck by a Smarty.

The capsule in the handle is meant to act as a storage unit. Throw in some ammunition and you should be good to go for a while. I'm open to suggestions, and I am working on a semi-automatic device with a working trigger and bolt-lock mechanism (It's looking haphazardly good, but I don't expect it to see the light of day), so please let me know about anything I could do to make it better.

Thanks for reading, and remember -- When life gives you lemons. . .