Introduction: Offsetting DIY Bookshelf

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Typically I would use Kreg Jig Pocket Holes to attach the boards together. I would hide the pocket holes on the backside or under the boards. But for this DIY Offsetting Bookshelf project, it was not possible to hide the pocket hole, so I choose to use Dowelmax jig. Using Dowelmax the holes are not visible because they are inside the wood joint covered by the board. The wood joint is held together by dowels and wood glue. Once the glue dries it becomes a very strong wood joint.

I didn’t want to make a typical bookcase so I designed it by first creating a bunch of shelf boxes. Then I staggered the shelf boxes and connected them with short boards. Since I only had a few large pipe clamps, I assemble the boxes one at a time and clamped them to let the wood glue dry. Then I come back and assemble the rest of the shelves. The download the PDF please visit my website TheDIYPlan.

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• 1x10x8′ (x5)


Tools for this project



Miter Saw

• Tape Measure

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