Introduction: Ognite Assemblly Instructions - Pre Beta

Thanks for attempting to assemble your new Ognite Digital Candle!

Today's technology is so amazingly cheap and capable that easiest way to solve most technology problems is to use more of it. 

The Ognite attempts to buck this trend by being the least it can be. Each part In The Ognite is the cheapest and simplest possible, and it uses the fewest of those parts possible. The entire kit fits neatly into a matchbox, and the matchbox packaging becomes the The Ognite's base and battery. 

Less stuff means more work, and putting together the Ognite is hard. Hopefully your efforts will pay off in a unique handcrafted piece of technology.

I am also hoping that you will find ways to do it better and make it easier for those who come after you. I want any suggestions, comments, or criticisms you think of - on anything from spelling mistakes in the instructions to a better name for the project.

Thanks again!


Step 1: What You Need

You will also need a wire nippers to cut the LED leads. A magnifier lamp is also great if you are old like me.

Step 2: What You Got

Step 3: Put Five LEDs Into the Row Jig

Load a row of 5 LEDs into the row jig. Make sure that the LEDs are oriented that the flat spot of each LED  flange fits into the flat spot in each hole. The LEDs should almost click when they seat into the holes correctly.

Step 4: Bend One of the Silver Leads About 90 Degrees

Step 5: Place the Crossbar Along the Top of the LEDs

We are going to use another one of the silver leads to connect the row together. 

Each LED has two leads coming out of it - one short and one long. Thanks to the notches in the jig, all the LEDs should be oriented the same way.

We are going to be making 8 rows in total. For this first row, we want all the long LED leads at the top. 

Lay the lead across the top of the LEDs in the jig. I'm going to call this lead the crossbar. 

The cross bar should be touching all the long LED leads. It should also be resting on the plastic bases of all the LED. It should not be touching the jig. 

Step 6: Hang the Bend Wire Over the Edge of the Jig

We are going to use that bent wire to hold the crossbar down while we solder it to the row of LEDs.

If you don't do this step, then the crossbar will tend to stick to the soldering iron by surface tension and it is very hard to keep it from pulling away from the LEDs, 

This step is tricky and I would love to hear ways you come up with to make it easier understand or do. 

Step 7: Clip Onto the Jig and the Bend Wire

Again this part is tricky. 

You want to grab the jig and the bent wire so that the wire is pushing the crossbar up against both the base and the leads of the LEDs. This will hold the crossbar in place while you solder it. 

Step 8: Solder!

Solder each of the 5 LEDs in the row to the crossbar. This should be pretty easy if the crossbar is touching the leads. Don't dilly-dally or you might start to melt the jig plastic!

Step 9: Check Your Work

The crossbar should lay flat against the base of the LEDs and all the joints should be nice and smooth. Give the LEDs a little wiggle to make sure they are solidly attached - it is much easier to fix a cold joint now then after the whole matrix is assembled. 

Step 10: Clip 4 of the LED Leads

Since this is the fist row, we are going to clip all the long LED leads except the first one.

Try to clip just above the solder joint. 

Save the leads that you clip off since we will be using these as crossbars for the next 7 rows.

For a nearer appearance, you can also clip off any crossbar overhang on the sides.

Step 11: First Row Done, Only 7 More to Go!

To recap, you just finished the 1st row. This will become the bottom row in the assembled matrix.

The crossbar should connect across the long LED leads, and you should have clipped off all the long LED leads except the rightmost one when looking at the LEDs from the bottom with the crossbar on top. 

Step 12: Repeat to Finish the First 4 Rows

Load the jig, drop in the crossbar, put on the hanging holder wire, clip in, solder, repeat. 

On the 1st row, you left the rightmost long lead in place and clipped the rest.

On the 2nd row, you will clip all but the 2nd from the right. 

On the 3rd row, you will clip all but the 3rd from the right.

On the 4th row, you will clip all but the 4th from the right.

Note that you will always be clipping off the leftmost long lead.

Step 13: