Introduction: OgreCycle

How to recycle a vw into a motorcycle when all is lost and excitement you seek. then one must build their own! buying one or having it done for you is cheating. sure youmay need help but in the spirit of american ingenuiity you gotta do it yer self!

Step 1: Thinking

You must first gather all of your Ideas this is fun and Time consuming the internet is a wonderfull device for this. I like classic bmw's and flat head harley's indian four's also so you will see these influences in the ogrecycle. Take all the pic's that fit you're style and cut them and paste them together until your satisfied with your dream. Remember this is your dream not anyone elses so you have to like it or your peeing in the wind.

Step 2: The Gathering

Take your Idea's Shopping. The four main pieces you should gather somewhat depend on eachother. First Thing to consider Is the Drive train. There alot of opinions about this and I'll give my two cents. If you want shaft drive there are kits available to convert a BMW motorcycle to a VW engine (easy way out cheater) there have been discussions about final drive ratio's between new and old bmw and its clones IE the Ural due to the engine rpm differance in a vw and a bmw. I have also seen a volvo transmission to shaft drive much more rugged but still shaft drive. (ok so I'm Biased) I do not know a bout subaru but there is probably a viable drive there. What I do know is that a vw Transmission will work but you must get the correct year where there is a Differential cover on both sides of the transaxle. Why? because Vw's go the wrong way and to fix that on must flip the Differential. The Amazona used this and Some other people have also! it works there is a mid engine cable shifter that works well with this setup but it cost some coin. you know me I'm all about the free or at least inexpensive. This trans axle is a good choice for stock engines you may want to go a little beefier if you want to use throughtle in a bottle! (nos).
Ok ok here is my choice I'm using the 914 Porcshe transmission! Well la tee da you say! Here is why the 914 was mid engine so it goes the right way. It is twice as rugged as the vw. I know it was made by vw but its twice the bug trany. this is important because of the latteral strain placed on the out putshaf bearing. the shifter comes out the side. The bug comes out the end although the mid engine sandrail shifter is verry slick i got the 914 tranny free! so you do the math. By the time youve got this figured out I'll have the next step written