Introduction: Oh!! Color

Oh!! Color is a simple game to guess the color. The game will give you the most basic three primary colors. If you need to combine two colors, just press both buttons. After the button is pressed, the game will The judgment is correct. Finally, please remember that the blue line needs to be unplugged after the end of a round before the next round can be played.

I'm just a middle school student from Taiwan. If there is an error in English, please forgive me.


Carton button LCDpanel bread board wire and LED

Step 1: Design Diagram

This is the design drawing I drew

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

First, connect the circuit

Step 3: LCD Panel

Then, install the LCD panel

Step 4: Write Program

This is the program I wrote

Step 5: Start Testing

Connect the power, let's start the test step by step

Step 6: Put on the Shell

Let's glue the shell on

Step 7: You're Done

Done, you are amazing

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