Introduction: Oh Sugarpops! Gumball Machine

The Sugar pops Machine is fun for everyone and is educational with its way of showing people what 3D printing can do for simple everyday things, like a gumball machine. We based our machine off of Sam Pauling's Countertop Gumball Machine on the Instructables site (the link to that is down below). It really sparked our attention and made us want to do something similar to that but with 3D printed instead. The bottom movable part of the gumball machine is 3D printed and the top part is a mason jar.


Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project you will need:

A mason jar

Hot glue gun

3D printer (use 3D Hubs if you don't have a home 3D printer)


Step 2: Print the Pieces

Here are the 2 files you will need to print out.

Step 3: Assembly of Parts

Once you have printed both parts, put the slide into the hex piece. After that, take the outside ring of the jar lid and hot glue it around the top hole. Then fill the jar with gumballs a screw it onto the hex like a normal lid.

Step 4: Enjoy!

To use the gumball machine, pull the slide until a gumball falls out of the slide. Be careful not to pull the slide too far, or the slide will come out.

I hope you enjoy it, this was one of my first real autodesk projects.

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