Introduction: Oil Change 2018 F150

Hi, my name is Remington. I've been working on Ford vehicles since before I could drive one of my own. Are you sick and tired of spending all of your hard earned money at shady quick lube shops? Well today i am going to help you become more independent and wise with your money. Today I am going to show you how to do an oil change on a modern Ford F150. Depending on your own personal decisions you can save anywhere from 50$ all the way into the hundreds of dollars.



7mm wrench or ratchet

oil filter wrench

oil filter

15 mm wrench

oil p

Step 1: Remove Shield

To start I will slide under my pick-up behind the front wheels, my pick-up has a mud/rock guard covering the bottom so I take that off by removing four 7mm bolts at each corner of the shield. Then I will set the shield and the bolts off to the side in a safe location.

Step 2: Drain the Oil

Next, I will take my 15mm wrench and my oil pan, or a bucket depending on what your personal taste is. Place it under the drain plug and remove the plug, being careful to not strip out the bolt.

Step 3: Remove Oil Filter

While the oil is draining we can head over to the oil filter on the front driver’s side of the pickup. I will be using the strap oil filter wrench to unscrew the oil filter, once removed place it in the oil pan. It will take some work to get it off but keep trying and you will get it.

Step 4: Put on New Filter

Next, I will take a drop of oil off of the old filter and use it to lube up the seal on the new one. Take the new filter and screw it on till tight with your hand, do not use the wrench on the new filter.

Step 5: Replace Drain Plug

Now we will wait till no more oil comes out of the drain hole, once the oil is done draining we replace the plug making sure we don’t over tighten it. Just snug it up with a wrench.

Step 6: Put in Oil

After snugging up the plug, we go under the hood, remove the fill plug, and place our funnel in the fill hole. Then we dump our oil in making sure to take our time so it doesn’t over flow. Once finished replace the shield underneath and you are ready to hit the road!

Step 7: Check Your Oil

It never hurts to be cautious. So just to make sure I like to check my oil a couple days after a change.