Introduction: Oil Change in John Deere 4240

This procedure takes around 25-30 minutes and is not a very hard task just takes a little time. There is six steps that we will take on this journey. For Supplies you will need 2 ¾ inch wrenches, 1 funnel, shop rags, oil for the tractor, 1 new oil filter, and a five gallon bucket for the old oil.

Step 1: Take Oil Plug Out

Grab a 5-gallon pale and 2 inch and eight inch wrenches to take the drain plug out. For those who do not know what a drain plug is it’s where the oil will drain out when you unscrew a plug and it will drain into a bucket you have under the tractor. You will need two wrenches because it will be too tight to only use one so you will need to use the second one as a cheater bar.

Step 2: Take Off Old Oil Filter

Take the oil filter off the tractor and let that drain.

Step 3: Put New Filter on and Put Drain Plug Back In.

Put drain plug back into tractor and get the new filter ready to put back onto the tractor. For the filter you will need to have a rubber ring that seals the filter and you will need to get a little oil on your finger and rub it on the ring for a little bit of lubricant. After that put the new filter back on and the drain plug.

Step 4: Put Oil Back Into Tractor

Put oil back into the tractor. To put the oil back in the tractor you need to open the fill cap and start dumping the oil back into tractor. You fill the tractor and keep track of the level so you don’t overfill it.

Step 5: Completed Oil Change

Start the tractor and make sure the oil level stays and this is your last step and drive the tractor out of the shop and put stuff back the way it was. We have successfully changed oil into the tractor.

Step 6: