Introduction: Oil Drain Pan - Free

About: Retired Aircraft Maintenance Manager/Technition.

Hi All - This is my first Instructable and it's really simple. I've been changing my own oil for decades and have been using this simple free drain pan rather than the plastic ones that you can buy which are large and difficult to cleanup after use.

Step 1: ​First - Select a Suitable Oil Bottle

    1. I use Castrol but any oil bottle which is 5 quarts will be fine for cars of most sizes
    2. Using a Utility Knife make a cut to start the process
      1. Be careful with utility knives when cutting plastic as they can easily slip and bite you

Step 2:

  1. Using a slight up and down sawing motion cut parallel to the reinforced molding of the bottle
    1. Again be careful that the blade doesn't slip and cut you
      1. You can use a good pair of scissors instead of the knife to be really safe
    2. Continue cutting around the shape of the bottle until the center falls out
    3. You want to make the opening as large as possible while not weakening the structure of the bottle as it will be holding hot oil.

Step 3: All Done

  1. You now have a very efficient oil drain pan which you can either reuse or wipe out and recycle

Enjoy !!