Introduction: Oil Filter Shifter Knob

Oil filter shifter knob. My previous knob broke when I tried to remove it, so I tried a new idea for a replacement.

Oil filter is off of a Subaru Outback 2013 model in case you want that size.

Perfect for a ratrod or hotrod.

Step 1: Shifter Knob Mounting Thing

This came off of a broken aftermarket shifter knob. I threw away the old knob and kept this piece. It mounts onto the metal shifter arm.

Step 2: Cut Out a Piece of Thin Wood

I took a piece of Lauan Plywood (3/16" thickness or 4.7625 mm) I cut the board the into a circle shape (same size as the oil filter) and then marked the center.

Step 3: Cut Hole in Center.

I marked the center (previous step) and then drilled out a hole for the metal thing (in step 1).

Step 4: Make Sure Metal Thing Fits in the Hole.

I couldn't find the proper drill bit so I filled the hole to the proper size. I mounted the disk into the vise to hold it so i could file it.

Step 5: Remove Rubber Gasket.

Remove the rubber gasket. Removing the gasket lets the filter sit better on the wooden disk.

Step 6: Finishing Up.

Stick metal thing in to the hole and place wood onto base of oil filter. Mount wood disk onto filter using glue, screws, or anything that you choose to use. I used self tapping screws (not shown SORRY) to mount it together. I had to drill pilot holes for the screws to hold onto the filter.