Introduction: Oil Lamp Out of Brake Lining and a Lightbulb

Hey interested ones,

This is my oil lamp, I added a Photo of the end result because i wanted it to look interesting for y'all.
I had this idea for a while, and thought about it for a long period of time. as i executed the plan i came across some things which will be quite handy to know if you want to build this yourself.

Step 1: Needs

If you have the standard DIY toolkit you'll do fine i guess.
materials used: 3 ft. of brake lining, a lightbulb, soldering tin and a fuse.

Step 2: Preparing Bulb

This is the hardest part.

It took me four light bulbs before i figured out that I had to cut the socket in half.
when you cut the socket in half you can hit the underside of the glass until it shatters to bits.
The glue used to connect the glass with the socket will stop the cracking of the glass.

The bending of the brake lining is most easy and will turn out way better when you use a round object like a biscuit drum. 
I used metal brake lining, but in the future i'll use copper, because it is way easier to bend, and you can solder it. In this case i had to use a wire to make sure that the bulb didn't fall out of the bracket.

Step 3:

As you can see I used a metal wire to make sure the bulb doesn't fall out of the bracket. and that doesn't compliment the engineering skills. 
to fill the bulb with lighting fluid of oil, i had to tape a tiny funnel on to the opening. 
please do take note that fiddling the fuse into the opening is a bit of donkeywork i must say.

If you look at the front side, it almost looks like it's floating!

And to be sure of the fact that you will not sue me for fire hazard or anything else; I AM NOT TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE!