Introduction: Old Bearing Into Fidget Spinner

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Who doesn't want a spinner?

From the day it appeared and this gadget has been so trendy because of its magic.

If you are following my work you can know that I love Gyroscopes, Spinners and all rotating stuff.

Today I've decided to turn those old bearings into a spinner. I've managed to get four old stuck bearings in two sizes.

Here is my experiment.

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Step 1: Get the Components and Tools

- Some Ball Bearings of small sizes ( of those used on skateboards ) . You can get them new form

Amazon US , Amazon UK , Amazon CA , Amazon FR , Amazon DE , Amazon ES , Amazon IT

- Paint Thinner ( I used it to clean the bearing )

- Tape

- Screw Driver . eBay , Banggood , Aliexpress

- Small Tie Raps

Step 2: Clean the Bearing

First I thought those bearings are dead. After all, I've got them from the car mechanics workshop. But I wondered how they would look like if I applied some organic solvent ( Painting Thinner for example ) to them.

I opened the bearing covers with the small screw driver and put them in some small amount of painting thinner.

It works.

The bearings are rolling so fast. I felt very happy. Now I can go to the next step.

Step 3: Connect Them All and Test the Spinner

I wanted to connect the two bearings that make the hands to the center bearing.

First, I thought that I can use some Silicon Adhesive used in cars. But that didn't work. It was too weak.

Then I found another way from youtube. I connected the three bearing using tape around the three bearings circumference. Then I used two Tie Raps to tighten the Tape and to fix the bearings correctly.

Then I used scissors to cut the tail of the Tie Rap.

Now I have a full fledged Fidget Spinner that costed NOTHING.

Actually I had all the stuff at home and I only needed the bearing.

I was so happy making this project and you can easily make it too.

Thank you for reading my instructable...

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