Introduction: Old Boots Planters

Get your old boot a second life by transforming them into plant pots.


-Old boot. Preferably made out of leather o cloth, so it can absorb the cement.

-Cement. Quantity may vary depending on size of the bucket and the boot, but a couple of cups should do it.


-Bucket big enough, so the boot can fit.



Step 1: Preparing the Mix

Pour the cement into the bucket and add the water little by little and mix until you have an homogeneous paste.

You can use your hands or a stick to mix the cement.

Keep adding water until you get a very liquid mix. It should look something like paint.

It is important than the mix its liquid enough so the boot can absorb it.

Step 2: Applying the Cement

"Sumerge" the boot in the cement mixture.

If, like me, you didn't get a big enough bucket, you will have to applied the cement with your hands all around the boot.

Make sure your soaked the boot completely with cement to get a good result.

Now let the boot dry for several hours depending on the type of cement you used.

This is the part in with you need to be patience. If you try to move the boot while is drying the cement can crack and ruing your work.

Step 3: (Optional) Test Fit

This step is optional.

If you don't want to plant directly into de boot, you can use it like a holder for a pot.

While the mix is wet, test fit the pot inside the boot, so you make sure the boot is opened wide enough.

If the boot hold the form while wet, you can remove the pot. If not, wait until it is dry to remove it.

Step 4: It's Done

Now that it is dry, you have a very hard coat of cement.

The only thing left to do it's to put the pot inside or plant directly into the boot.

I recommend to drill some holes at the botton so the water can drain.

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