Introduction: Old Broom Handle Turned Into a Wooden Nightstick

Just showing all the steps I went through to create this weird but cool weapon or toy it just shows you don't need to throw away your old broom or mop handle make something with it

Step 1: The Measurement

First thing is to create the measurements for the main body then the handle its up to you to decide the length

Step 2: Sand and Preparing

Then I just sanded it down and marked we're all the cutting will be taking place and it was just roughly done well it was the first time making it

Step 3: Marking

And I started making on the main handle of the dowel in the middle for a guide

Step 4: Drilling

This was the trickiest because I had to cut out the centre without breaking or damaging the dowel and I was doing all this with a Dremel 300 at the time

Step 5: The Main Hole

This is the end result after spending time drilling then using a carving bit for my dremel and making a hole big enough for the sanding wheel to get in and finish the job

Step 6: Coping Saw

Then used a coping saw to cut the centre out and leave just a big enough piece to fit in the hole that I cut and sanded earlier

Step 7: Fitting Together

After that it was time for more carving and sanding just to get the thing in the hole(no pun intended)

Step 8: Glue

An when that was done I glued it all together using pva wood glue just to give it more strength

Step 9: Finally Finish

After all that I will be going back and adding a coat of vanish and doing more sanding but you can't customise it in any way possible and remember wear safety glasses